The Arab World

You are probably aware of the Arab world, but may be you do not have an extensive knowledge about these countries. Who are the people who live there, what language they speak, what is their culture, the status of women in the Arab world and much more. You are just at eh right destination if seeking info on the Arab world

Arabs are unified by culture and by history. Actually, the Arabs are not a race. You will come across very fair skinned Arabs with blue eyes as well as dark skinned ones. But most Arabs are Muslims. You will find Jewish Arab, Arab Americans plus Christian Arabs. Arab world countries are comprised of 22 countries.

You will find the term "Arab world" is generally rejected by those living in the area by  those who do not think themselves to be Arabs for example the Kurds or Berbers. Browse this section to learn all about the aortal nations, the Muslim laws and the history of Arabs.

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