Factors Influencing Modern Role Of Sharia

There are various factors influencing modern role of Sharia that are working against the backdrop of various religious sects and schools of thought about which you will get to learn here.

One of the main reasons behind modern role of Sharia that are going against the governmental implementations and influencing the future developments in the Sharia law is the frequent exchange of various cultures and idea in the modern world. It has been influencing the modern role of Sharia. There are so many reasons like the improved means of communications and technological advancements have resulted in greater interaction among Muslims of various countries.

Muslims and particularly the young Muslims from various different Islamic dominant countries are becoming more connected by the Internet and modern communications. This has resulted in greater exchanges of ideas and cultures. The reactionary and fundamentalist movements are unaffected to stop this exchange as the law of Sharia itself defends the right to privacy within the home.

Moreover, the basic structure of Sharia is quite confusing and this also serves as a major factor influencing modern role of Sharia. For example the Sharia law for some muslims comprises of Quran and Sunnah and for others it also takes into account the fiqh. This blending of sources has created a muzzy premise that the scholarly interpretations are as sacred and beyond revision as are the Quran and the Sunnah.

Among the major factors influencing modern role of Sharia, there is the fact that most of the Muslims fell confused between Sharia and customary law. The research done to find out the reasons behind modern role of Sharia shows that Muslims in people in local communities generally do not differentiate clearly whether and to what extent their norms and practices are based on local tradition, tribal custom, or religion. This leads to more confusion as thus also contribute to the list of factors influencing modern role of Sharia.

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