Islamic law and Society

Talking about the Islamic law, it can be said that there is a spectrum of the Muslim legal systems in the 21st century. It is attributed to the fact that there are different groups among Muslims who hold different perspective regarding the fundamental Sharia law and the Islamic law system. What is Islamic law? Read on to know more.

Depending upon the perspectives, there are different types of Muslim legal systems being followed in various nations of the world. However, the Islamic law in the 21st is described best in the following manner.

A modern or secular Sharia law is being followed in secular Muslim countries like
Mali, Kazakhstan and Turkey. However, these countries are under continuous pressure from various Islamic fundamentalist and political parties to follow the traditional Sharia law. Despite all the pressure, these countries have declared themselves to be secular countries. When we study the Islamic law and society in modern times, we find that there is no religious interference in the matters of state, law and politics.

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