Modern Perspectives on Sharia

This article intends to present you a comprehensive overview about the modern perspectives on Sharia.

Different sects of Muslims have responded in different ways to the influences of modernity. Their reactions sometimes are far away from the lines of tradition and sect. Thus, there is different modern perspective on Sharia among Muslims.

Sharia law’s modern perspectives are prevalent among liberal Muslims. However, they are continuously being criticized by Muslim fundamentalists and hardcore Islamic outfits.

Sharia law’s modern perspectives affect the manner it is understood by the individual in their personal lives and the degree to which this law is applied in the public sphere. These diverse modern perspectives on Sharia are referred to collectively as contemporary Sharia sometimes. The modern and educated Muslim scholars with strong background and knowledge about Islamic laws are working hard to strengthen the contemporary Sharia laws.

Modern perspective on Sharia law is also influenced by the legal system of a country try. The legal systems in the modern 21st century Muslim states can be decribed in the following way:

Sharia Law in secular countries having Muslims in majority, Muslim states like Mali, Kazakhstan and Turkey have confirmed themselves to be secular states. In these countries any kind of religious interference in the matters of the state, law and politics is forbidden. In these Muslim dominated nations as well as the secular West, the role of Sharia is limited to personal and family matters, and hence there is a Modern perspective on Sharia in these countries.

There are other Muslim countries that have mixed sources of law and these countries include Pakistan, Indonesia, Afghanistan, Egypt, Nigeria, Sudan, Morocco and Malaysia, in these countries, the legal systems are under great influence of the Sharia law however they also cede ultimate authority to their constitutions and the rule of law.

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