Origin Of Sharia Law

This article presents a comprehensive overview about the origin of Sharia. Read on the given information to know more details regarding the origin of Sharia law and also a brief history of Sharia law:

The origin of Sharia according to Muslims, are the words of Allah as described in religious book of Islam, Quran, and also various traditions collected together from the life of the Prophet Muhammad.

History of Sharia law goes back to the era when Muhammad was born in ca. 570 CE in Mecca, a place in the Arabian Desert. Mecca was a strategic place on the trading route and also a pilgrimage for Arabs of many beliefs. Quraysh, who was a pagan tribe along with some Jews and Christians, used to live in the city of Mecca. Muhammad lost his parents at early age and got orphaned. This resulted in Muhammad coming under the protection of his uncle. and he grew up and turned out to be a trader and got married to his employer, a prosperous merchant named Khadija.

Once the origin of Sharia got into existence during the middle age Muhammad began to share the revelations that he got from received from Allah through the angel Gabriel. Muhammad shared all of his revelations, and lured many followers who canned them onto available materials. After around twenty years from his first revelation until his death, Islam became the dominant force in the Arabian peninsula, and a serious challenge to the Byzantine and Sasanian empires. When Muhammad passed away, the revelations were brought together to be organized into what is called as Quran now. Also, the carious accounts of his life ultimately formed the basis for Sunnah and it marks the beginning or the origin of Sharia law.

In pre-Islamic world of Arabia, there was bringing together of common ancestry that were formed for the purpose of tribal association. With the coming of Islam and also the Sharia Law origin, these tribes came together under a uniform religion. As stated, Islam is not just a religion; however is a complete a way of life, a new common basis of law and personal behavior, Sharia, began to take shape.

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